Strange weather this week.  We had snow on the first day of Spring.  We’ve had snow up until the middle of April, so it’s not anything that out of the ordinary. But, it was only supposed to be a dusting and instead it snowed hard all morning.  Not sure how much we got, but it was more than they thought we’d get, that’s for sure!  It was gone by late afternoon, though.  I took a couple of pictures.  It snowed for a few more hours after I took them. 😯 


I finished a custom order this week ~~ a queen rag quilt with yummy homespuns.  The front and back are the same, so it’s reversible.  I loved making it!  Now, this pretty quilt is on its way to its new home.  Pictures were hard to get.  I wanted to take it outside, but it’s just been too windy this week. So, I had to settle on the dining room table. If you would like to have a rag quilt made with homespuns, please feel free to contact me on EtsyI would love to talk to you!  



I hope everyone has a joyous and happy Easter!