Scattered Bugs and Flowers Applique Baby Rag Quilt

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This rag quilt is made using cute cotton fabrics with scattered bugs and flowers. There are 5 pink Kona cotton squares with sweet bug appliques. There is a caterpillar, two butterflies, a cute worm, ladybug, dragonfly, and hearts. The back is the same pink Kona cotton.

White flannel and soft, cotton batting are sandwiched between the top and bottom layers. Flannel gives the seams an extra fluffiness and the batting makes for a soft and warm quilt.

Approximate size is 45" x 45", perfect for your little girl!

top - cotton fabrics
middle - flannel and cotton batting
back - cotton fabric

Each square (except applique squares) has been quilted with an x.

This quilt has been washed and dried once to start the ragging process. I wash each quilt using a gentle, cold water cycle and dry using a low heat setting. Your quilt will become even more fluffy with each washing.


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