Rag Quilt - Queen Size Quilt - Cottage Chic Floral Quilt - maroon red, sage green, ecru, dusty pink - Gift For Her - Queen Quilt

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Queen Rag Quilt, Floral Queen Quilt is made with pretty floral cotton fabrics in shades red, pink, green, and ecru. The back is made with a soft, creamy muslin. Flannel is sandwiched between the top and bottom layers. This quilt is ready to ship!

Approximate size is 89" x 98"

top - cotton fabrics
middle - flannel
back - premium muslin

This quilt has been washed and dried once to start the ragging process. I wash each quilt using a gentle, cold water cycle and dry using a low heat setting. Your quilt will become even more fluffy with each washing.


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