Rag Quilt Lovey - Security Blanket - Blue, Green - Baby Shower Gift - Baby Blanket - Baby Lovey

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This is a ready to ship item. This rag quilt lovey is the perfect size, approx. 18"x18", for your sweet baby. Comfy, soft blanket for the stroller or car seat. Babies love them and so do toddlers as a security blanket to drag around. Fits perfectly in a diaper bag to bring along anywhere. This one is perfect for either a boy or girl with blues, greens, yellow and other bright colors.

Lovey quilts are made with three layers. Top layer is made of quality quilt fabrics, back layer is a soft, cozy flannel and middle layer is a white flannel for batting and to fluff the seams.

This quilt has been washed and dried once to start the ragging process. I wash each quilt using a normal cold water cycle and dry using a low heat setting. Your quilt will become more soft and raggy with each washing.


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