Moda double chocolat rag quilt

Just finished listing this quilt in my etsy shop.  A sewing friend asked me what fabrics I used.  They are from the Moda 3 Sisters Double Chocolat collection.  I checked and they are out of print now. 😥  I probably have enough to make one or two more quilts.  I sure wish designers would bring back some of these beautiful fabrics. I’d be first in line to buy them. I have my eye on this collection and a blue and white collection that I used a few years ago. I should have bought much more, but I didn’t realize how popular they would be.  You can find this pretty quilt here.  Let me know if you are interested in a different size and I can check to see if I have enough.bluebrownmodaquilt2

Pretty patchwork tote

Here’s the finished patchwork tote and it’s just been listed in my shop.  I have sooo many extra 5″ fabric squares that have just been sitting in a rubbermaid box. I pulled 9 different prints and used them in this patchwork rag quilt tote.  I tried to keep the prints in the same color families.  I think it turned out pretty.  Just 1000+ squares to go! 😯 

aqua and pink patchwork tote


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Latest listings and new start

Here are my three newest listings, two baby rag quilts and a tote…..please click on the picture to go to the etsy listing.

greenbabyquilt1 modtodbabyquilt1 blackwhitetote1

I started this rag quilt tote yesterday. When I cut out fabric for a tote, I end up with lots of extra 5″ squares.  Paul suggested I start taking those squares and putting them together in a patchwork quilt look.  So, I grabbed a few different prints and started this one.  I think it’s going to be really pretty.  It will make a great tote for next spring and summer. 

bluepinktote1 bluepinktote2

Custom orders

I’ve added a page here on my website for custom orders – fabrics for custom orders.  You’ll be able to pick out fabrics that you’d like me to use in a rag quilt or a tote.  Just let me know the number of the picture when you message me.  We can talk about all the specifics (size, price, finish date) and I can set up a listing on Etsy and get started making a special quilt or tote just for you.  Here are some pictures of just a few of the custom orders I’ve made.

Going for a walk

Well, Paul and I decided we need to walk.  We’re recliner potatoes and we’re not getting any younger. lol  There’s a nice little park up in town that has walking trails, so we went twice so far this week. There is a sign at the park that shows how far you walk, so we’re walking around the lake and it’s about .5 mile.  Right now, once around is enough for us.  But, I don’t think it’ll be too long before we’re going around twice.  Both of us hurt when we walk.  Legs, hips, and low back give us fits.  But, we’re going to keep at it.  park4 park3 park2 park1

Festival of the Little Hills

The Festival of the Little Hills in St. Charles, Mo., started in the early ’70s and, back then, there were a lot of artisans demonstrating old time crafts.  Things have changed and I’m not sure how many demonstrate anymore. We didn’t see any demonstrators where we were. But, it’s still fun and we did enjoy the old time machines. I got a few pictures of them. There was an old Maytag washer, but the neatest thing was the shoelace maker. There were 16 thread spools turning in different directions, braiding the threads around a white core. It’s run on a turn of the century engine. We really enjoyed seeing that. As we were leaving the festival, there was a historic log cabin church called the 1791 Borremeo Church.  When you click on the link, there is a lot of great information about this little church.

If you get a chance to come to St. Charles, make sure to come the 3rd weekend of August to go the Festival of the Little Hills. To see it all, make it a full weekend there. You’ll really enjoy all the crafts, food, and music. IMG_0011

Maytag Washer


Shoelace Machine

IMG_0021  IMG_00232

1791 Borremeo Log Cabin Church