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Weekend flash sale!!!

Christmas flash sale ad copyThis weekend is the perfect time to order a quilt or tote from my shop!Β  I’m having a **FLASH SALE**, 15% off almost everything. The only things not included are the Pick your Own Fabric listings or custom orders. I use Etsy on Sale for sales in my etsy shop, so you’ll see the sale price in each listing and the original price in the first picture of each listing. I love Etsy on Sale to set up my shop sales. I put in the information like how long to run the sale, what discount I’m wanting to use, and when I want to start the sale. Then, they bulk edit everything for me! Much nicer than having to go through each listing to change the price. There’s a very minimal charge which is so worth it to me not to have to edit all my listings. If you are a seller on Etsy, it’s truly a time saver!

I hope you find something that you love as much as I love making them. πŸ˜€ Now, I better get back to sewing!Β  Next blog post will be all about Christmas decorations!Β  I just need to find time to get some pictures to show you all!Β  Oh yeah, the sale runs through Monday night.Β  A little extra time for you to decide what to order. Β Have a great weekend!!


Rag quilt candle mat and coaster sets

I’ve been making these candle mat sets for years and they have been very popular in the past, especially during the holidays.Β  Most customers have bought three or four sets to give as gifts and to keep one for themselves.Β  I stopped making them for a couple years, just not enough time to get any new ones in my shop. But, I’m back to adding them to my etsy shop and forgot how nice it is to sew something a little simpler than a quilt or tote. I’ve kept them very inexpensive, so you can get more than one.Β  I love to do custom orders for these, too!

Click here for Christmas Words set ~~


Ask me about other fabrics I have or can order and about reversible sets. Plus, I can always add extra coasters to a set, too.Β 

Click here for Navy Snowmen set ~~


Click here for Thanksgiving set ~~


Click here for Christmas Trees set ~~


There are a few more in my shop and I’ll be adding more sets in a few days. Now, I better get back to sewing! πŸ™‚Β 

Fabrics are in for custom order!

The last of the fabric for the Christmas quilt came in yesterday.Β  I’ve been sewing like crazy today!Β  Got all the rows together!Β  I just need to stitch around the outer edge and clip the seams. I’m hoping to get pictures by Friday for my customer.


In the mean time, I sold three totes a couple days ago, so I need to find some time soon to make a few more.Β  I’m loving all the busyness of life lately.Β  I’m trying to get up every morning with a set goal for that day.Β  It’s nice to wake up knowing my day is planned out. 😎

Here’s some pictures of quilts that are available in my shop, ready to ship!

Click here to see this quilt on Etsy

bluequilt3Click here to see this quilt on Etsy

graypinkquilt5Click here to see this quilt on Etsy


Very excited about latest custom order!

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A few days ago I had a customer ask about a custom order.Β  She searched on Etsy and found a number of fabrics that she wanted to have made into an extra large Christmas lap quilt.Β  So, I got busy figuring out how much of each fabric I’d need and if each place that I needed to order from would have enough fabric in stock.Β  I was a little concerned about the cost because we have fabric coming from many different sellers including one from Australia and shipping for each was going to add up.Β  But, she loves all the fabrics she picked out and decided to go with them all! πŸ˜€Β  We sent messages back and forth for the better part of the day and I really enjoyed the process of working with her!Β 

I added a new page to my website called “custom orders” and put all her fabrics on the page, so she could see how they would look together instead of a picture here and a picture there. After we got everything figured out, I ordered all the fun fabrics she chose. Two arrived already and the rest should hopefully be here by the end of the week. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to get started on her quilt!Β  Pictures soon! πŸ™‚

Pick your own fabrics

I know there are times when customers are looking for the perfect quilt and just don’t see anything ready to ship that has the look they’re wanting. If you don’t see just what you’re looking for in my shop, I’m adding custom, made to order listings for you to “Pick Your Own Fabrics”.Β  Each listing is for a different size quilt, from crib to king.Β  I’m still in the process of adding them to my Etsy shop, so please check back over the next couple of days to see them all.Β 

I’ve put all the information on how to pick your fabrics in each listing.Β  You get to choose from thousands of fabrics on both andΒ  You’ll put the names of the fabrics in the “notes to seller” box at checkout, I’ll order the fabrics, and get started on the perfect quilt for you.Β  If you get stuck or have any questions on the process, please send me a message and I’ll help in any way I can.Β  I want you to enjoy creating your own beautiful rag quilt!Β 

Click on each link to go to the Etsy listing!

“Pick Your Own Fabrics Lap Size Rag Quilt”


“Pick Your Own Fabrics Twin Size Rag Quilt”


“Pick Your Own Fabrics Full Size Rag Quilt”


Quilts and a covered bridge

Paul and I went on a day trip to Sandy Creek Covered Bridge just south of St. Louis.Β  I took a few of my quilts to get some pictures near the bridge.Β  We both took pictures, but I like his better. πŸ˜€ So, thank you, babe!Β  It was a very pretty October day, sunshine and cool breezes. The trees really weren’t showing their color much, but it was still a pretty day to go.Β  You can find all of these quilts in my Etsy shop.Β  Click on the links to see more about them.

Christmas quilt



Baltimore Album quilt


Vintage Look Americana quilt


floral rag quilt



Moda double chocolat rag quilt

Just finished listing this quilt in my etsy shop.Β  A sewing friend asked me what fabrics I used.Β  They are from the Moda 3 Sisters Double Chocolat collection.Β  I checked and they are out of print now. πŸ˜₯Β  I probably have enough to make one or two more quilts.Β  I sure wish designers would bring back some of these beautiful fabrics. I’d be first in line to buy them. I have my eye on this collection and a blue and white collection that I used a few years ago. I should have bought much more, but I didn’t realize how popular they would be.Β  You can find this pretty quilt here.Β  Let me know if you are interested in a different size and I can check to see if I have enough.bluebrownmodaquilt2